CaixaForum, the former Gran Hotel is the place where modern tourism in Palma began. Today the home of the Caixa Forum Palma, the building’s interiors have been restored to house a contemporary art library, changing exhibitions, and a collection of works by local painter Anglada Camarasa. CaixaForum also periodically runs cycles of conferences, seminars, courses, concerts, performances and special events that help to prompt reflection on this changing world and better understanding both of our society and that of other cultures.


· Wednesday, October 7th: auditorium
· Thursday, October 8th and 9th: rooms 1 and 2 on the 3rd floor


CaixaForum Palma
Plaza de Weyler, 3.
07001 Palma
Tel.: 971 17 85 00

How to arrive?

Bus lines in Palma with a bus stop near to CaixaForum: 3, 7, 15, 25, 46 and 50. All lines, timetables and fares of the EMT.